Virginia Junior Classical League

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.                                 - Vergil Aeneid VI.95

VJCL 2014 Convention

Convention will be held Sunday, November 23 - Monday, November 24 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Convention Info

Fall Council Meeting

The Fall meeting will be held October 4 at Riverbend HS in Spotsylvania, in conjunction with an Olympika event. More information will be available soon.
Olympika Details

Non-Convention Contests:

Schools do not have to attend convention to enter these contests. All entries are due Oct. 25

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Publications Contest

Publicity Contest

Publicity Contest Template

(template helps with organization-optional)

Certamen  2014-2015

Virginia Certamen Information    

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VJCL  Academics

VJCL Convention tests, Certamen information,  and resources to assist students in preparing for certamen and academic contests at VJCL-sponsored events.

VJCL Academics